Woodwork #3

OK – built another box. This one is very like the last one in Woodwork #2 – same dimensions and design, but made from Jarrah and a highly figured veneer for the lid – I don’t know what type – Myrtle perhaps?

This time the dovetailing was much more precise – very little filler was needed to hide the gaps. Jarrah cuts very nicely too unlike my red gum experiences – very little fussiness at all.

The veneers caused some problems – I used Tightbond II yellow glue for the upper part of the lid, and I simply used my iron-on blackwood veneer for the lower side. Result: The Tightbond glue, being very strong, warped the board. It took some effort for it to go in. The fix is to use the SAME glue top and bottom – that way the forces are evenly matched and no warping should result. Oh, and I managed to glue the top to the MDF press as well – now that was fun trying to seperate the board from the press. Some damage to the pretty veneer but not so visible because the figure is so detailed.

The hinges went better this time – I took my time – no birthdays to make. Still, it’s not perfect – the front of the lid is off by about 2mm – just enough to annoy me, but not enough for me to fix it. I think that one hinge must be out by about 0.5 mm to cause this sort of error – a lesson here about the kind of precision required. Leanne thinks that one of the hinges may just need to be rotated a few degrees anticlockwise and it will come good – something worth trying.

Well, I’ve been asked to put some pieces in the Mt Barker show, so I think I might put this one in – I can put also try to sell it at the show as well, though I wouldn’t have a clue what sort of market value to put on it… do you?

2 thoughts on “Woodwork #3”

  1. Shane,


    Just out of interest, do still have your HAM gear? Do you use it in Adelaide.

    Hope everything is going well…


  2. Hi Shane, Saw your website on WWF so came for a look. Like both of your boxes and as you say the figure on the Red gum is a great feature. First time I tried these hinges I had the same result, not bad but just not quite right. I found some good info by searching the net for Doug Stowe (the box making author) which helped me a lot. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Ian

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