No place like home…

Well, we’ve moved in. What a trauma but we’re mostly over it.


It’s pretty much spring now – all the wattle is out plus the fruit trees. Hayfever season!

hahndorf3.jpg hahndorf6.jpg

Oh – and baby birds! Very nice, but we have two baby herons in one of Red Gum trees (see above). These birds are LOUD. And they cry all night! The above two photos show the red gum tree which has the Herons in it. The photo at right is a shot of their nest – a bit hard to see but its roughly in the centre of the photo on the fork of the branch.
The magpies are also nesting now so I suspect in a few weeks we might be dived bombed by some aggressive magpies protecting their chicks.


I bought a nice trailer to help with the move. It was going to be cheaper to do it myself. Only the trailer manufacturer was about a month late getting the trailer made on time – too late for the move. But its been useful getting rubbish off to the tip, and we’re looking forward to going camping with it soon (Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges ).

Let’s see, what else have I got.

Oh yeah – more birds>


We have LOTS of birds here, in part because we feed them. Rosellas, Lorikets, Blue Wrens, Boobook owls, cockatoos, galahs, corellas, honeyeaters, pigeons, chickens, ducks, magpies, herons, … lots of entertainment.

We have a nice space out the back for the BBQ.


There’s a pot belly stove (cast iron antique) that’s great in winter – it really heats the back area up – even more so when we get some roofing on.

A nice shed which I’ve even managed to start tidying up!


The other side is full of boxes and stuff – will eventually get filed away once the home extensions are done. Home extensions? Oh yeah – we’re putting on an extra room where the car port is – a sowing room for Leanne, home office/computer room etc


The slab and the roof are already in place – its basically just a matter of enclosing the space and voila! A new room. Supposedly less than $10K to do.


A nice photo of Liam in our kitchen. The kitchen/family room is a great living space. It’s all open, friendly and rather informal. It has nice views out the back to the BBQ and garden area.

Well, there you have a basic cook’s tour of our new home!

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