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Vanuatu 2008

Adelaide Hills in June is a long way from Vanuatu in so many ways.

Right now, the most obvious difference, apart from distance, is climate. Adelaide – 8 degrees and rain. Port Villa – 29 degrees and all sun.

Perhaps a cool 20 degrees at the pool bar, but that’s only when you’re sitting in the water drinking a cold Tusker (local beer).

Then there’s the food… last night, I had lobster thermidor. Not something I normally go for because it’s usually very expensive, but hey, I’m on holidays and at $25AUD I’d give it a whirl. Well, when it turned up, I had to share with the others – not because they we’re greedy hum-buggers but because the meal comes with three lobsters tails and I couldn’t finish it all. Oh Well.

Then there’s the swimming… morning: local pool, a few drinks at the pool bar,… later on its snorkelling on the lagoon reef – fish, fish and more fish – eels, crabs, coral, … you get the picture.

Oh, another important difference – no kids! Hmmmm…. kid’s club. We love kids club. Today, the kids are all off to an excursion to the local village school. Us, we’re off to town to pick up supplies, shop at the markets, and otherwise generally chill. We’ll get the kids later – around 10pm usually and carry them back to bed.

Where did we stay? Le Lagon … a very nice family resort right on the Erakor Lagoon just a few minutes from Port Villa.
Vanuatu – so many differences, so little time…

The Magrath Family Tree

For a few months now, I’ve been running a family tree/genealogy web-service for the Magrath clan. Have a look at this link

Most of the data has come from Ken Magrath’s GEDCOM database which he very kindly provided me, along with some great documentation and media files. Other people have now also gotten on board and hopefully it will pick up some steam and become quite popular.

I also have quite a bit of information on my family – photos, stories, history – all of which will eventually make it into the database.

Of course, if you have something to contribute – GREAT! – follow the link and get started!

Shane Magrath

(below: A photo of my paternal grandmother – Edna Jean Magrath nee Justice)

Edna Magrath (my grandmother)