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Family News for April 2007

Well, it’s been a poor month for us this past month – Leanne and my health have been shocking. Leanne had her four wisdom teeth taken out on the operating table about five weeks ago and it went rather badly – she has a fractured jaw, bad sinusitus and quite a few teeth fragments are still left in gums. She goes back in to surgery next week for corrective surgery…

My health has been poor as well – I’ve had a serious case or larengitis for the past few weeks – I’m taking weapons-grade antibiotics and they seem to be helping. I also tore the cartiledge in my knee and will need an arthroscopy to fix it.

But hey, we’re in good spirits and it’s even kind of funny! Friends from church have helped us – occasional meals have been turning up, that sort of thing.

Well our Tempe home sold last week at auction – an OK price I guess though you always want more . We’re not in a hurry to buy another house though we think we know what we want now – we’re thinking of a four bedroom place around Hahndorf – we’ve looked at a few already, but we’re prepared to wait. We were in Tempe for thirteen years, but I don’t think we’ll be in our next house that long… it all depends on what we think is best for the kids and family at large.

I’ve been meaning to post up some photos from my Puckapunyal army training from Novemeber 2006. This was a great course – we got to play soldier but it was all very serious – the Styr rifles are the real thing, along with the rest of the gear. The purpose of the two week course was to teach us civillians what army life might be like in the field as well as the theory and doctrine of armyoperations. It really gave me an enormous insight, and helped think more critically on the requirements for military communications technology.

OK – I know – I’ll never make a proper soldier!

Trying out the infra-red night scope – a very strange experience… and yes, I am aware that it is daylight but we did a “patrol” that night with it and it was a difficult tool to get used to.

The Team!

Murder in Mulberries

It began with a phone call.

Ari, our good neighbour, phoned Wednesday evening. He let us know there are several mulberry trees on the property down by the creek. And they were fruiting. Seriously fruiting.

We’d better get down and lighten the trees a bit. It wasn’t hard to motivate the children, though they wondered what mulberries are. After their first taste, they stopped asking questions. In fact it was unusually silent. Apart from the slurping sounds as they sucked the fruit straight off the tree – less chance of being stained that way – there was no sound at all.

The suspect

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