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Camping in the Flinder Ranges 2007

Well, this October we packed the car and trailer and headed north to the Flinders Ranges. The Flinders is one of those parts of Australia that everyone really has to see. Its a large, ancient land of craggy hills and desert plains.

Wilpena Pound

We camped at Wilpena Pound – a famous crater shaped basin. As a camping site, it is one of the best I’ve been to – right up there with Cradle Mountain.

We traveled up with a good friend of mine – Ian Remnant – who knows the area very well. Ian loves bush walks and the Australian environment – we got a great explanation of much of the ecology!

Lian and the Grass Tree

We took our trailer with us to make packing easier – as a last thought we chucked the kids bikes in – what a great idea that was! We never saw them except in raging packs of kids hurtling past us occasionally with loud woops! Even Sonya worked hard to keep up with the older kids – though there were some tears when she tried the jumps on her tricycle.
Sonya on tour

Because it was school holidays, the park had arranged some great evening events – Liam and I got to listen to an Aboriginal elder who was born in the Flinders – Ron Coulthard (?). We also got to an astronomical night which was outstanding.

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Well, we bought a house…

It’s as much a surprise to us as it is to everyone else. We bought a house in Hahndorf – a nice place at 10 Kramm Ave. Actually, a very nice place for us – a simple home but very well built an exceptionally low maintenance.

There are a few mods we need to do but nothing overwhelming. We even got the builder/architect in today to start on the plans! We settle on June 8th so its not that far off.

The place has great shedding (), so I can option up with a few more tools – 14″ bandsaw and a lathe comes to mind! oh well. We’ll see.

Watch this space!