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Plump in Plums

Christmas has gone and the New Year is almost here, and along with that comes stone fruit season! We are drowning in plums at the moment and desperately looking for preserve recipes – chutneys, stews, but not jams – we don’t really eat much jam.

Fresh plums Liam in particular likes collecting the fruit and searching for recipes – thankyou Margret Fulton – so we’re not short of ideas. The chickens also like the plums so it’s a race to get the wind fallen fruit each morning.

Chickens eating our fresh plums

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1-2-3…testing…testing… Is this thing On?

Well, this is the great experiment in keeping our many friends and relatives up to date on what’s happening with the Magrath family. As you most likely know, we’ve “recently” moved to Balhannah, South Australia and it has been pretty difficult keeping everyone current on our lives and sharing in theirs.
It occured to me that it would be pretty easy to set up a website that allowed us to share news, photos and ideas as they became available – so here it is in its humble beginnings.

If you don’t know who we are, let me introduce us:

  • Shane Magrath
  • Leanne Magrath
  • Liam Magrath – Born: 26th September 1996
  • Rohan Magrath – Born: 9th September 1999
  • Sonya Magrath – Born: 25th October 2003

Feel free to browse, register if you want to add items or comments, use the RSS feed to keep track of updates

So let a thousand flowers bloom!