Comet McNaught

Well, we had a surprise visitor recently – the comet McNaught!

As it approached the sun, we thought we would miss seeing it because of the amount of rain we had that week. But as it swung around, it really turned on a show for us. From sunset to about 10:30pm, we had a great show. As the sky became dark, the tail of the comet revealed itself to cover an enormous portion of the western sky – something my humble photos don’t reveal.

The boys were extremely excited to see the show. Liam had bought a junior telescope for christmas with some money Grandma & Grandad had given him, so he set up the official observatory.

What a better show than Halley’s comet (1986), eh? Though I doubt we won’t see McNaught any time soon – it’s next due back in a couple of million years…

Murder in Mulberries

It began with a phone call.

Ari, our good neighbour, phoned Wednesday evening. He let us know there are several mulberry trees on the property down by the creek. And they were fruiting. Seriously fruiting.

We’d better get down and lighten the trees a bit. It wasn’t hard to motivate the children, though they wondered what mulberries are. After their first taste, they stopped asking questions. In fact it was unusually silent. Apart from the slurping sounds as they sucked the fruit straight off the tree – less chance of being stained that way – there was no sound at all.

The suspect

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